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Our wide range of products and all-round services are built on the thorough understanding of our customers and markets. Our products are including labelling, hangtags, RFID, packaging, etc., besides the variety series of products in fashion industry, we also provide creative design, international standards manufacturing services, intelligent logistics which cover a whole set of processes from design to shipment. 

LABEL7 GROUP offers a full range of design solutions from concept design to produce, gathers a team of talented designers all over the world, specializing in labelling, packaging and RFID projects, with the aim of striking a balance between aesthetics and commercial demand and helping clients to enhance their brand value effectively.
In order to meet customers requirement, we can set up 1V1 design & consultant team, the professional team will provide personalized design and monitor the whole progress to ensure your project running efficiently.

- Professional services

- High efficiency

- High quality

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