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RFID, or radio frequency identification, is a wireless technology that uses radio waves to transfer data that is electronically stored on tags attached to a product or package. These tags contain a mixture of printed information, antenna and microchip. They can be read from up to several feet away and do not need to be within direct line-of-sight of a reader to initiate interaction. The data is captured by reader stores the information in a database which is then transferred through a communications interface to a host, where the data can be stored and analysed.

Realise the non-contact quick search of goods, timely delivery of goods needed by customers to avoid manual search omissions; simplify inventory management, reduce the workload of the shop inventory, improve the accuracy of inventory work; system visualization, data-based anti-theft management system, more effective in reducing the loss of shops.




LABEL7 GROUP combines innovative RFID technology with decades of comprehensive expertise in tags and labels to deliver tailored products tracking solutions to our customers, that’s based on a full understanding of your company and requirements. From RFID labels to terminal hardware devices, we support and focus on the full range of smart store solutions.


We offer a range of RFID tags such as hangtags and stickers,etc. Every RFID label contains electronically stored information including product type, size, color and various other identification and tracking features, that can work to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and help increase sales.


Using RFID technology in your retail store enables error-free, real-time efficiency and visibility throughout your operations. From warehousing to distribution and retail, we advise you on how to optimise your process execution using RFID tags, gates, tunnels and handheld readers.

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RFID readers are used to enter information about individual garments into a corresponding electronic tag. The tag is then attached to the garment. The tag can be hung on the outside of the garment in the form of a hangtag. The tag can also be attached to the inside of the garment. The handheld reader allows for a real-time inventory of on-shelf and in-stock items. Reports can be generated by area and by shelf, freeing up the shop staff's workload. The handheld reader simplifies the original search process. The handheld reader simplifies the tedious search for goods by displaying the exact location of the goods, and also directly displays the stock level of the goods.

With a fifixed or handheld RFID checkout device, the system automatically captures information about the products selected by the customer and generates a sales list, saving time in the checkout queue and reducing the queuing time for customers to a minimum. This saves time in the checkout line and minimises the queuing time for customers to shop. By simplifying this service time for the cashier, the shop staff can devote more time to customer service.

When an unpaid item leaves the shop, the RFID reader is able to detect the unpaid status of the item in real time, alerting customers and staff, making the business more secure.



We have developed a wide range of EAS security and anti-theft labels (RF and AM EAS Security Labels) for fashion retail shops. These labels work seamlessly with the retail loss prevention security systems currently in place. The EAS is a retail security system that uses electro-magnetic, acous-to-magnetic or radio frequencies to detect items crossing a detection point in a retail store (usually the entry/exit points of a store).

● Various styles and colours of clothing labels available

● Customized design options and integrated security labels available

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